Petition To Stop Executions from Resuming in TN: Please Sign and Share

After nearly 10 years with no executions in Tennessee, the state has set an execution date for Billy Ray Irick for August 9, 2018. Mr. Irick has been on Tennessee’s death row for over 30 years. Though both the Tennessean and the Nashville Scene are raising concerns about Tennessee’s recent change (yet again) to its drug protocol to include midazolam, the drug blamed for the nation’s most recent problematic executions, our concerns go far beyond how the state plans to execute him.

Paul House, a Tennessee death row exoneree, has authored a petition to ask the state not to purse Mr. Irick’s execution or any execution, given the real risk of executing an innocent person. With alternative sentencing already available in our state, like life and life without parole, pursuing an execution isn’t worth the risk.

Mr. House spent 22 years on Tennessee’s death row before DNA evidence finally led to the dropping of all the charges against him. Along with Mr. House, three other men from Tennessee have been wrongfully convicted and sentenced to death in our state. Tennessee has executed six people since 1960 and wrongfully convicted and released four since 2007. These numbers should trouble all Tennesseans.

Please join Paul House in asking Governor Haslam not to allow any executions to happen on his watch. The risks are simply too great.

Sign and share this petition.